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Mc Caffeine Choco Glow Face Pack Review

Mc Caffeine Choco Glow Face Pack was a part of my Mc Caffeine products haul. I have used Mc Caffeine Body Scrub (read review here) and Mc Caffeine Face Scrub (read review here) in the past. I picked up this one because it had choco extracts which is known to nourish the skin. Let’s see…

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W2 Mulberry Fairness Day Cream Review

W2 Mulberry Fairness Day Cream was an impulsive buy after I totally adored W2 Peach Ivory Moisturizer (read review here). Since I loved the moisturizer, I wanted to try out other products from the same brand. So without any further ado, let’s check it out! What’s It Like? It comes in a tacky plastic jar…

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Acnes Skin Soothing Gel Review

Acnes Skin Soothing Gel was a welcome addition to my Fab Bag last month, I guess. As I am facing major breakouts, this was the most apt for my skin care regime. Acnes is a Japan (Osaka) based company which caters to products which help acne prone skin. Okay so let’s check out the details…

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