Acnes Skin Soothing Gel Review

Acnes Skin Soothing Gel was a welcome addition to my Fab Bag last month, I guess. As I am facing major breakouts, this was the most apt for my skin care regime. Acnes is a Japan (Osaka) based company which caters to products which help acne prone skin. Okay so let’s check out the details of this product.

Acnes2 300x240 Acnes Skin Soothing Gel Review

Product Description:

The packaging is very functional, it comes in a plastic squeeze tube with flip opening. The gel is green in colour which is justified because it contains neem extracts. The gel has a slight floral smell, something which is not overpowering.

What’s The Claim?

It is meant for oily skin types which restores and rejuvenates the skin. Aloe Vera gel with been gives it anti microbial and anti inflammatory properties and gives radiant and glowing skin. This gel soothes flaky dry skin and helps to relieve itching and burning of skin.

Acnes1 232x300 Acnes Skin Soothing Gel Review

What’s The Price?

50 ml retails for 125 INR.

My Thoughts On Acnes Skin Soothing Gel:

I quite like the product, more so because I am facing breakouts and my dermat has asked me to avoid any creams on my face. So I am using it day and night time both, it has replaced my day cream and night cream. I wash my face, tone it and apply this gel. It takes care of itching or burning and soothes active acne.

The Yays 👍

  • Aloe vera gel with neem
  • Great for oily sensitive skin
  • Relieves burning sensation and itching
  • Soothes active acne
  • Controls oil secretion
  • Affordable

The Nays 👎

  • Dries out skin a bit
  • Stretchy feeling if not followed by moisturizer

Diaries9 Rating: 4/5


Yes do try it out but only if u have oily skin and acne is your main concern. If u have normal to dry skin you will need to run for moisturizer.

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