All About Air Hostess Skin Care Secrets

When we travel it sucks the life out of us, we end up looking haggard after our long journey but how do air hostesses manage to look fresh and beautiful even after traveling and following an erratic schedule? Let us dwell into Air Hostess Skin Care Secrets and know about what keeps them fresh.
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Tip #1: Use Mild Skin Care Products. As the air hostesses are always traveling and in air condition all the time, harsh skin care products take a toll on their skin and hair. Hence they usually opt for mild skin care products.

Tip #2: CTM Without Fail. They follow the basic cleansing, toning and moisturizing method without fail. Proper cleansing, with a good tower and a moisturizer makes them attain flawless skin.
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Tip #3: Hydrate. Air hostesses are always in air condition so it dries out their skin and hair, they make it a point to drink enough water to combat the dryness. They are also advised to drink one or two glasses of warm water to detoxify their system.

Tip #4: Remove Makeup Thoroughly. Makeup is a part of their job but too much makeup spoils the skin hence they make it a point to remove makeup thoroughly and to let their skin breathe when they can.

Tip #5: Sunscreen. They protect their skin with a good quality moisturizing sunscreen.

Tip #6: Layer The Products. They layer their skin care products for maximum efficiency. They always apply a moisturizer beneath their foundation. They always apply a lip balm under their lipstick and so on.

Tip #9: Facial Mists And Sheet Masks. Facial Mists and sweet masks helps them to nourish and hydrate their skin on the go.
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Tip #8: Work Out And Eat Healthy. Air Hostesses are required to maintain their weight so they eat healthy and also workout and this translates into a good skin.

These were Air Hostess Skin Care Secrets which you can follow too.

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