Aloe Vera Uses In Skin And Hair Care

Hello ladies,
Who doesn’t know about the numerous beauty benefits of Aloe Vera. But when it comes to using it, we get confused. Apart from using it in face masks, we don’t find many ways to use it. Here are Aloe Vera Uses For Skin And Hair Care, which you have not heard of until now. Let’s explore interesting ways to use Aloe Vera.
%name Aloe Vera Uses In Skin And Hair Care

#1: Aloe Vera Mask. Forget mixing aloe vera with anything, just apply a thick layer of aloe vera gel on your skin and let the skin absorb its benefits and moisture. After ten to fifteen minutes, wash off and immediately apply a moisturizer to seal in the moisture. This can be done after a hot day, after parlour treatments or even after a full day of heavy makeup. This cools, soothes and moisturises irritated skin. You can also include this in your weekly beauty regime.

#2: Aloe Vera In Scrubs. If it is a powder scrub and you need to make a paste, use Aloe Vera gel to make it a paste. When you are massaging scrub and it gets dry, don’t run to moisten it with water, use aloe vera gel instead. It will not only provide lubrication but also help you use more of aloe vera gel.
%name Aloe Vera Uses In Skin And Hair Care

#3: Aloe Vera Eye Mask. After a tiring day, a chilled eye mask is all you need to depuff and moisturise your under eye area. For this, take cotton pads and apply thick layer of aloe vera gel on it, put it in refrigerator. After it gets cold, put them on your eyes and relax, these will soothe your eyes more than cucumber slices. It is also a great remedy to depuff your eyes and get rid of dark circles.

#4: Mix With Make-up. For a more natural looking, dewy make-up, use aloe vera gel with it. Mix it with foundation to make it more hydrating. Use it as a primer. Mix it with skin care products like cream and body lotions to make them more moisturising.
%name Aloe Vera Uses In Skin And Hair Care

#5: Mix With Hair Oil. You will be amazed by how great this works! Next time you sit to oil your hair, mix a good amount of aloe vera gel to it. It becomes a milky gel. Apply this on your scalp and on hair shafts. It will give you moisturising benefits of aloe vera gel along with the benefits of hair oil,in one go.

These are Aloe Vera Uses For Skin And Hair Care. Hope you found them useful.

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