Apply Colored Mascara Like A Pro!

When Priyanka Chopra made an appearance in blue mascara at Baywatch Premiere, it took everyone by surprise. Though ladies had seen colored mascaras, they were unaware that a colored mascara could suit Indian skin tone so well. Colored Mascaras are a must have if you want to create a colorful makeup look. But if the thought of trying this trend is giving you cold feet then read on. It will not be long before you can Apply Colored Mascara Like A Pro!

#1: Apply Only On Upper Or Lower Lash. If you want to try your hand at colored mascaras then start with either your upper or lower lashes. It is a good idea to start with one lash at a time because you will be able to judge better whether it is suiting you or not. Also it will not look so bold if you apply the colored mascara either on your upper lashes or lower lashes only. You can either use it on your upper lash or only on your lower lash, not both at the same time.
Don’t Apply Bottom Eyeliner 650x429 300x198 Apply Colored Mascara Like A Pro!

#2: Start With Blue. Yes, blue is a same colour to begin with. Blue colour usually suits Indian skin tones. So first start with your dark blue mascara and then you can move on to the other border colours like purple, pink, green etc.
images 34 2 300x300 Apply Colored Mascara Like A Pro!

(*Image courtesy: pinterest)

#3: Go Easy With Application. While you may find yourself too much inspired by the models and actresses wearing bold and even multicolored mascaras, you need to tone down the application. Especially if you are a beginner at colored mascaras, you need to tone down the application. Start with a soft stroke of colours and later you can build it up.
images 37 1 300x225 Apply Colored Mascara Like A Pro!

So go ahead. Start your colorful eye makeup and apply colored mascara like a pro. This trend is surely going to Brighten your look.

(*Main Featured Image courtesy: pinterest)

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