Arata Face Wash Review : Zero Chemical Face Wash For Your Skin

Hello ladies,
Today I am going to review Arata Face Wash. With the growing number of skin concerns due to harmful chemicals present in our skin care and makeup products, it pays to lessen the chemical load on your skin by opting for chemical free products. Let’s get to know more about this face wash.

Product Description:
Arata Face Wash comes in a very simplistic packaging. It is a white plastic, squeeze tube. The tube has a flip opening which makes dispensing the face wash in adequate amount. The face wash is brown in colour with a healthy mix of scrub particles. The scrub particles are quite useful in removing everyday dirt and grime accumulation on the skin. The face wash smells heavily of lemons, as it has lemon oil along with peppermint and flaxseed extracts.
IMG 20180218 124826 225x300 Arata Face Wash Review : Zero Chemical Face Wash For Your Skin

Product Usage:
Apply on the face and massage in circular motion using finger and allowing granules to wash away dead skin cells. Wash away with water.

Product Claims:
It claims to be fully chemical free and give you refreshing experience. It is suitable for sensitive skin. It leaves skin feeling soft and radiant.

Product Price: 125ml of the product retails for 575 INR.

My Thoughts On Arata Face Wash:
Any skin care product which has less or no chemicals, wins my heart. This one works well as a face wash. It lathers well, exfoliates as it cleanses the skin. This is a boon especially for acne prone skin which tends to get clogged pores. It will help you clean the pores, each time you wash your face. It doesn’t dry out the skin.
IMG 20180218 125034 300x253 Arata Face Wash Review : Zero Chemical Face Wash For Your Skin

Pros Of Arata Face Wash:

  • Free if chemicals
  • Gentle on skin
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • Makes skin soft and radiant
  • Exfoliates as it cleanses
  • Refreshing lemon scent
  • Lathers well
  • Scrub granules work effectively
  • Contains natural ingredients

Cons Of Arata Face Wash:

  • Availability may be a problem, I got mine in Envy Box.

Diaries9 Rating: 5/5
IMG 20180218 125017 256x300 Arata Face Wash Review : Zero Chemical Face Wash For Your Skin

Do try it, you will love it.

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