Sheet Masks Wars: Innisfree Vs The Face Shop

Sheets masks have become a rage in beauty industry. Women are making a bee line for sheet masks. Best sheet masks deliver what they promise. Sheet masks are Korean concept of beauty.
images 23 8 300x150 Sheet Masks Wars: Innisfree Vs The Face Shop

You get sheet masks in various variants. Some of the variants are: Lemon, honey, cucumber, blueberry, strawberry, rice, green tea, Aloe Vera and many many more. You will also get many vitamin infused sheets like Vitamin C, Vitamin E and the like.

In India you will get limited brands of sheet masks. Most popular brands in India are Innisfree and The Face Shop. Let us see which the best sheet masks.

Sheet Masks Wars: Innisfree Vs The Face Shop. Here is a comparison between these two so that you can choose the best sheet masks.

Innisfree Sheet Masks Vs The Face Shop Sheet Masks:

The Innisfree Sheet Masks
images 2 4 Sheet Masks Wars: Innisfree Vs The Face Shop

  • The Innisfree masks are bigger in size.
  • These fit the face very nicely and cover even the area near the ears. It will even cover the full forehead if you have a broad forehead.
  • Innisfree Sheet Masks donot drip at all. Even after applying, it doesn’t drip even a bit.
  • It sits pretty well on the face.
  • It gives an amazing glow to the face.

The Face Shop Sheet Masks
images 7 7 Sheet Masks Wars: Innisfree Vs The Face Shop

  • These masks are smaller in size, when compared to Innisfree one.
  • These Sheet Masks drip. Yes. These drip a lot. The serum is likely to drop down your neck.
  • These donot fit the face properly and you will have to adjust every now and then.
  • These masks do give your face the glow.

Who wins?
Though the results are pretty much the same, Innisfree Sheet masks are the best sheet masks. The first reason is that they are less messier. The second reason is that they fit the face better and is more comfortable.

Both these masks are available at

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