Biotique Bio Clove Anti Blemish Face Pack Review

Biotique Bio Clove Anti Blemish Face Pack is a purifying face pack formulated to target problematic skin. Since I have breakouts all through the year, I decided to give this a try. Let’s see how it fared.

What’s It Like?

It comes in typical Biotique green and white tub packaging. This is further housed in a cardboard box. The face pack is off white in color and has the perfect consistency that you would want in a face pack. It is a clay based face mask, spreads evenly. The face pack has a strong smell of cloves.

Biotique bio clove 1 283x300 Biotique Bio Clove Anti Blemish Face Pack Review

What’s The Claim?

Like I said, this is purifying face pack, it is meant for oily and acne prone skin. The face pack contains clove which has antiseptic properties. With regular use, this face pack will help in giving you clearer skin.

What’s The Price?

75gm of the product retails for 199 INR.

Biotique bio clove2 277x300 Biotique Bio Clove Anti Blemish Face Pack Review

My Thoughts On Biotique Bio Clove Anti Blemish Face Pack:

The moment I apply, the active acne start burning and stinging big time but after one minute, it gives a cooling sensation. Though I don’t mind the stinging, some may not be able to tolerate it. So sensitive skin types should stay away. I only apply it on affected areas, it sucks the oil from it and makes it matte, next morning I find active acne have died down a bit. With regular use, it does help in curbing down the acne problem.

The Yays ?

  • Easy to apply
  • Perfect consistency
  • Controls acne
  • Makes skin matte
  • Clay based with clove and turmeric
  • Affordable
  • Easily available

The Nays ?

  • Stings a lot on application

Diaries9 Rating: 4/5


I really like the effect that it has on my acne, I’m going to continue using it. Only downside is the stinging sensation. If you can bear that, I recommend this product.

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