Bollyglow Bamboo Face Mask Review

In my Fab Bag I received Bollyglow Bamboo Face Mask, few months ago. I had been eyeing Bollyglow products for quite sometime now. It was a welcome addition! This brand has quite a good collection of makeup and skin care products. Let’s dive right in to know how this works.

IMG 20190420 WA0000 300x300 Bollyglow Bamboo Face Mask Review

What’s It Like?

The packaging is quite royal looking with red and gold colour coding. This is a typical sheet mask packaging. The sheet mask is quite big in size, it covers the full face. The sheet is quite thick but soft. The serum in it is milky white in colour and has runny consistency, the sheet mask is soaked nicely. It has a synthetic soapy fragrance.

IMG 20181011 125513 225x300 Bollyglow Bamboo Face Mask Review

What’s The Claim?

This one comes with anti blemish claim. Other claims are not given.

What’s The Price?

One sheet mask retails for 195 INR.

IMG 20181011 125519 225x300 Bollyglow Bamboo Face Mask Review

How To Use It?

Unfold the mask and put it on the face, leave it for 15 to 20 minutes. Remove and gently pat to allow absorption. Recommended to use twice a week.

My Thoughts On Bollyglow Bamboo Face Mask:

It is quite a moisturising and nourishing sheet mask, especially because compared to other sheet masks, the sheet is quite thick.  The mask doesn’t dry quickly so it allows better absorption of serum. Bollyglow Bamboo Face Mask gives a nice glow to the skin, makes it so hydrated and plump. This is a great quick fix if you are heading out for a party. Th mask preps the face nicely. I cannot comment on the anti blemish claim because I have use it twice and for blemishes to fade you need to use it for a while.

IMG 20181011 125524 225x300 Bollyglow Bamboo Face Mask Review

The Yays 👍

  • Thicker sheet mask
  • Soaked in serum
  • Hydrates the skin
  • Nourishing
  • Gives a brilliant glow
  • Removes any dryness or dry patches

The Nays 👎

  • Quite expensive compared to other sheet masks

Diaries9 Rating: 4/5


Good sheet mask to try.

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