Colorbar Nude It Rose Clay Mask Review

Colorbar Nude It Rose Clay Mask is a prep up face mask from Colorbar and seeing it among the skincare products, amongst its huge array of makeup products, it seemed like a good product to try. I love clay masks due to their purifying property and this one comes in rose version which was a boon. So lets get to know how it performs.

Colorbar1 245x300 Colorbar Nude It Rose Clay Mask Review

What’s It Like?

It comes in a tinted glass jar with rose gold screw cap. This is further packed in a rose gold cardboard box. The clay mask comes with a brush for application. The face mask is pale pink in colour. The consistency is just right for a clay mask, it applies easily. It has a faint rose smell which I like.

What’s The Claim?

It claims to be a facial in a jar! It cleanses, hydrates and heals the skin to give a smoother, cleaner and brighter look which is camera ready. This face mask contains natural rose water, grapefruit water, licorice, green tea, aloe vera and wheatgerm oil.

Colorbar2 251x300 Colorbar Nude It Rose Clay Mask Review

What’s The Price?

55 gm retails for 450 INR.

My Thoughts on Colorbar Nude It Rose Clay Mask:

This face mask is ♥. I mean imagine you have to go out about your skin looks dull and parched. Not happening right? ?. This clay mask is an instant pep up for your skin. It makes skin soft, smooth, bright and glowy. This is smooth to apply, easy to remove. The moment you wash it off, there’s no stretchy feeling. It’s a must have product.

Colorbar3 300x300 Colorbar Nude It Rose Clay Mask Review

The Yays ?

  • Amazing ingredients
  • Rose fragrance
  • Makes skin glowy, brighter, smooth
  • Controls oil on the face
  • Great for instant fix
  • Smooth application
  • Beautiful packaging
  • Comes with a brush

The Nays ?

  • Little pricey

Diaries9 Rating: 5/5

Yes of course, do get it. If not for regular use then for pre party prep! Totally recommended!

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