How To Be An Eco-friendly Beauty Diva

Hello ladies,
I thought of doing a different kind of post today. I have been waiting to tell my readers this since a long time. It is high time we become responsible and inculcate better beauty habits which not only help the environment but also save us from hazards of using chemicals. Here are a few surprisingly easy tips which you can follow and be an Eco-friendly Beauty Diva.
%name How To Be An Eco friendly Beauty Diva

#1: Ditch Glitter. As harmless as this may sound, glitter is literally playing havoc with marine lives. The glitter in your eye shadow, nail polish, art and craft, etc gets washed down to oceans and seas. This glitter is tough to filter and ultimately pollutes the ocean floor. It chokes the reefs and even kills marine organisms which gulp it thinking it to be food. Scary isn’t it? It will not be long before it will completely wipe out marine life. So be a responsible beauty Diva and chuck glitter out of your life.
%name How To Be An Eco friendly Beauty Diva

#2: Cut Down Microbeads. If you aren’t sure of what microbeads are, let me tell you. Companies, in order to make cheap scrubs and exfoliatants, use plastic beads rather than natural granules. These plastic beads end up on the ocean floor and finally marine organisms gulp them down, thinking it to be food. This has led to a shocking rise in number of deaths of marine organisms. You should use scrubs that contain natural exfoliating granules like apricot and walnut kernels, crushed coconut shells, rice flour, etc. If you still aren’t sure, use homemade scrubs, this will give you a better result.
%name How To Be An Eco friendly Beauty Diva

#3: Cut The Disposables. Beauty trend is such that ladies across the globe are using single use sheet masks, cotton balls, cotton wipes and a load of makeup removing wipes. This is becoming a cause of concern for environment as it is creating a huge amount of waste. Though these are biodegradable, yet they do create a lot of waste. So use a handkerchief instead of tissue paper, wet washcloth instead of wipes which works as fine.
%name How To Be An Eco friendly Beauty Diva

#4: Natural Sanitary Pads. Synthetic sanitary pads, which are readily available in the market for very cheap prices are actually harmful for you as well as the environment. They contain plastic which leads to infection and also they are not biodegradable. They are a cause of spreading disease too, since they don’t decompose. So switch to biodegradable brands like Saathi, Suvidha and Sakhi.
%name How To Be An Eco friendly Beauty Diva

These is how you can be an Eco-friendly Beauty Diva. Do follow these for a healthier you and a cleaner environment.

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