Exilir Shop Acne Serum Review

Hi there,
I have used many Exilir Shop products and amongst them Exilir Shop brightening serum is the best as it instantly transforms my skin. Recently I got Exilir Shop Acne Serum in a subscription box. This is targeted towards acne prone skin. Let us get to know more about this.

Product Description: Exilir Shop Acne Serum comes in a tinted glass bottle. It comes with a white screw cap, you can use a glass nozzle to dispense the serum. The serum is colourless liquid. It smells like eucalyptus oil, minty fragrance. The serum disappears into the skin in no time.
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Product Usage: Apply few drops on the affected area, wait for one minute before applying any other skin care products.

Product Claims: It is a perfect balance of tea tree and geranium essential oils. It helps heal stubborn acne spots, it reduces the prominence of past acne. It unclogs pores and kills infection.

Product Price: 15ml of the product retails for 700 INR.

My Thoughts On Exilir Shop Acne Serum:
It is quite an effective serum, reduces oiliness and if there are breakouts, it reduces inflammation too. It is watery and very light in consistency. It easily sinks into the skin without any hassle. It leaves behind no oiliness or greasiness. It takes a long time to work on acne spots. Reduction in the intensity of acne marks is evident but it is too slow.
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Pros Of Exilir Shop Acne Serum:
* Light and non oily
* Sinks into the skin
* Reduces oiliness
* Reduces inflammation
* Soothes active acne
* Easy to carry packaging
* Clears the skin

Cons Of Exilir Shop Acne Serum:
* Very expensive
* Shows slow reduction in acne spots
* Not easily available
IMG 20180421 125209 300x223 Exilir Shop Acne Serum Review

Diaries9 Rating: 3.5/5

Good product but too expensive.

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