Exilir Shop Toning Exilir Review

Hi there,
Though the name might confuse you, let me tell you that the particular product which I have is a toner. Exilir Shop Toning Exilir comes from fully natural brand Exilir Shop. Let’s find out it’s performance as a toner.

Product Description:
Exilir Shop Toning Exilir is packed in a white plastic bottle which has a pump dispenser. There is also an extra cap provided to cover the pump properly. Overall the packaging is sleek and easy to use. The toner has a slightly cloudy colour to it. It is watery and has a pleasant smell.
IMG 20171121 131924 195x300 Exilir Shop Toning Exilir Review

Product Usage:
After washing your face, spray the toner on a cotton pad, use this as a toner. Wait for one minute before applying any other products.

Product Claims:
No claims are mentioned, only that it is pure, natural and ayurvedic product. The website says that it is meant for oily skin, it hydrates the skin without making it oily.

Product Price: 10 ml of the product retails for 400 INR.
IMG 20171121 131938A 215x300 Exilir Shop Toning Exilir Review

My Thoughts On Exilir Shop Toning Exilir:
Just one spray of this is sure to make your day! It is like a burst of fragrance hitting you in the face. It contains essential oils of lavender, chamomile, rose, etc. which have heavenly fragrance. As a toner it is great. It is light on skin and makes skin brighter with use. It is great to hydrate your skin.

Pros of Exilir Shop Toning Exilir:

  •  Easy to use pump packaging
  • Not too pricey
  • Makes skin hydrated
  • Skin gets brighter with use

Cons Of Exilir Shop Toning Exilir:

  • Availability, apart from their website, I have not spotted it anywhere else.

IMG 20171121 131957 300x250 Exilir Shop Toning Exilir Review

I have become a big fan of Exilir Shop products. Every product from this brand is a winner. It is loaded with natural and skin benefitting ingredients.

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