Festive Season Makeup Ideas

Festive Season brings with it fun and enjoyment, along with it there comes a need to put our best foot forward. For that we dress up in our best but dressing up isn’t enough. You need Festive Season Makeup Ideas to complete your look. Here are a few ideas which you can keep in mind to look your best this season.

#1: Heavy Black Smokey Eyes. This look has been there for quite some time but it still holds its place of prestige among various makeup looks. This is a great makeup look if you do not want to don bold lipstick. Go for heavy black smokey eyes and nude Lips this season, more so if you are wearing black or darker colours.
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(*Image courtesy: pinterest)

#2: Bold Lipstick And Glowy Skin. Another fantastic look for festive season. If you do not want to emphasize your eyes, this is an easy makeup look. You should also go for illuminating foundation with this look. If you do not have one, try mixing highlighter with your foundation. This will add glow to your face along with red lipstick.

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(*Image courtesy: pinterest)

#3: Copper Eyes And Glossy Lips. If too much color and loud makeup is your cup of tea then try this look. Put on copper eyeshadow with glossy lipstick. This will give your face the festive shine without too much colours. A great look to go for if you are wearing light or dark colors.
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(*Image courtesy: pinterest)

#4: Peach Makeup With Highlighter. Go for peachy look in lipstick, eye shadow and blush. Add a heavy dose of highlighter. This will give a soft look along with festive bling. Peach is a very girly and compliments Indian skin tone perfectly.
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These are Festive Season Makeup Ideas to help you look your best.

(*main featured image courtesy: pinterest)

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