Get Glossy Skin In A Week

Glossy skin has been in vogue for quite sometime. Glossy skin is all about extra gloss and extra glow on your face. You too can get glossy skin and there are two ways to achieve it. One is by proper skin care which provides intense hydration to the skin thereby providing the gloss. The other is by clever use of highlighters and bronzer.
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How to get glossy skin?

You can prep your skin with intense moisturising and hydration to help it get the glow that you require. Though it is mandatory to follow a proper skin care, you need extra pampering for glossy skin.
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The first step to get glossy skin is to provide your body with the required hydration. Dehydrated skin is a result of drinking inadequate water. So gear up to drink plenty of water. Drink atleast 8 glasses of water. A hydrated skin transforms into plump, glossy skin.

Next thing you must do is to follow Korean Seven step toning regime. Do this twice a day. Get yourself a brightening toner and wipe your skin with it. Pat toner on your skin. Repeat this step five times over. This regime is the best way to make your skin glowy and glossy.
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Regularly exfoliate your skin. This will help in getting rid of dead and dull skin cells. You will get a polished and clean look.

Pamper your skin with sheet masks twice a week. Get glossy skin easily by these sheets hydrating sheet masks. Sheet masks provide intense hydration to your skin.

Get glossy skin by sleeping for atleast 8 hours. Keep your skin nourished by eating nutritious meals. Add dry fruits and nuts to your diet. This will provide healthy fats to your skin. Do work our daily to ensure that your skin flushes out toxins and you get glossy skin.

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