Global Beauty Secrets Greek Face Mask Review

. In my Fab Bag I received Global Beauty Secrets Greek Face Mask sample. I don’t recall the month but it came along with Global Beauty Secrets Greek Body Lotion (read review here). I have loved using Global Beauty Secrets Turkish Watermelon & Argan Oil Day Cream (read review here). This is the sample size which I am going to review so let’s dive right in!

%name Global Beauty Secrets Greek Face Mask Review

What’s It Like?

It comes in a black tub packaging with screw cap. The colour code of Global Beauty Secrets products is black and this one is in sync with the range. The face pack is grey in colour and has a runny texture. It has a light floral smell. In this mask, the granules are finely milled.  It glides on the face smoothly and comes off smoothly too.

What’s The Claim?

It claims to purify the skin removing dirt and toxins. This face mask also absorbs excess sebum and controls acne. Global Beauty Secrets Greek Face Mask is a refreshing face pack with activated charcoal.

Greek face mask1 180x300 Global Beauty Secrets Greek Face Mask Review

What’s The Price?

100gm of the product retails for 1680 INR.

My Thoughts On Global Beauty Secrets Greek Face Mask:

I am highly disappointed with the mask. I don’t like its runny consistency. Imagine how can one apply it on the face if it drips like crazy. I used it twice and both the time it was a messy affair to apply it on the face as it kept dripping. Due to its runny consistency, only a thin layer can be applied which dries within 5 minutes. It performs like any other clay mask, I don’t find anything extraordinary in it.

Greek face mask 189x300 Global Beauty Secrets Greek Face Mask Review

The Yays ?

  • Contains activated charcoal
  • Makes skin matte
  • Contains glycerine and vitamin E

The Nays ?

  • Too runny consistency
  • Can’t be applied in thick layer
  • Thin layer dries too soon
  • Doesn’t do much
  • Expensive
  • Availability offline is a problem

Diaries9 Rating: 2/5


There are better face packs with activated charcoal if that’s what you are looking for. This one is too expensive and runny consistency spoils everything. Skip it.

2 thoughts on “Global Beauty Secrets Greek Face Mask Review

  1. Jasmine

    Which is the best face pack for dry skin during summer?

  2. Ashna

    The best way to hydrate your skin in summer is to apply aloe vera gel. Face mask for dry skin is Biotique milk protein face pack. It is intensely moisturizing.

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