Green Eye Makeup Look| Rock with green eyes makeup

Green eye makeup look has taken the fashion world with storm.
images 49 Green Eye  Makeup Look| Rock with green eyes makeup

Green is surely the new black. And what better way to rock it than to incorporate the colour in your eyes makeup. If you are bored with black smokey eyes and golds and coppers are done to death, then you must experiment with green eye makeup look. It is a versatile colour and the best thing is that it goes very well with warm tones of our Indian complexion. If you find the right shade for your skin tone, you can totally rock it. Go for glittery green eye makeup look if you are attending wedding or parties. It is a perfect night out colour. You can opt for Matte green eyes if glitter is not your thing.
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Shades that compliment green in the eye makeup are black, dark grey and brown. Make sure that your eye makeup is blended well. Green as well as the complimentary shades should be blended, there should not be any sharp lines. Right blending is the key to beautiful eye makeup, no matter which colour you choose, if you blend it well, half the battle is won.

Green eye makeup look can be matched with green outfits for a dramatic effect. If you want a subtle effect then you can opt for an all black outfit and bring in this colour through eye makeup. Green eye makeup look also goes very well with beige outfit.

If doing a bold eye makeup is too much for you, you can still play with the colour and do green eye makeup look. Just use a green eye pencil to line your eyes instead of your regular black eye liner. You will be amazed to see the transformation.

images 8 1 300x151 Green Eye  Makeup Look| Rock with green eyes makeup
Take my word for it, this small step with take your look a naught higher. Do give it a go. Green eye makeup look will not disappoint you. It is sure to make you the centre of attraction.

Lakme iconic had come up with a beautiful regal green colour eye pencil. You can check it out. It is available at Jabong, Flikpart, Amazon.

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  1. Ayesha khan

    Amazing eyes makeup.🌟🌟🌟

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