At Home Hair Spa With Natural Ingredients

The world is going ga-ga over hair spa benefits. There are numerous benefits of hair spa. It adds shine, strengthens hair roots and controls hair fall. At home hair spa is a good option to try if you do not want to go for fancy hair spas.

At home hair spas are convenient, easy on pocket and are free of chemicals. For at home hair spa, you would require ingredients which are readily available at home.

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Here is how you can do Hair Spa At Home With Natural Ingredients:

Step #1: Massage your hair with a mixture of oils for at home hair spa. You need to detangle your hair and massage the scalp as well as the hair with a mixture of oils.

How to prepare the oil mixture?
For this, just take a bowl, mix coconut oil, almond oil, castor oil and olive oil in same proportion. All these oils have amazing hair benefits and will make your hair shiny as well as strong. This is essential for at home spa.

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Step #2: Steam your hair with hit towel. You need to dip a towel in hot water. Then wring it. Wrap your head in this hot towel. Make sure that the heat is bearable. Do not use too hot towel. Steaming allows the oil to seep into your scalp and nourish your hair roots.

Step #3: After the towel cools down. Go for a mild shampoo and shampoo your hair. Shampooing makes your hair clean and squeaky. For at home hair spa all the steps are essential.

Step #4: After shampooing, wring out extra water from your hair. Apply hair conditioner on your hair. You can use honey and lemon juice rinse to naturally condition your hair.

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Step #5: Lastly apply hair pack to your hair. For hair pack you can use egg and olive oil hair pack. You can also add hibiscus Powder mixed with curd to your hair. This will strengthen your hair and give nourishment. Keep for 15 minutes and then wash off.

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