Kailijumei Flower Jelly Lipstick Review

Here’s all that you want to know about Kailijumei Flower Jelly Lipstick.

Product Description:
Kailijumei Flower Jelly Lipstick come in a beautiful gold casing with bright red metallic cover. There is a button at the base of the cover which you will have to press to take out the lipstick. The cover also has a small mirror in it but it is not of much use, due to poor clarity. The lipstick is packed in a plastic coding which is packed in a cardboard box bearing the details of the product. These lipsticks are pure love! The packaging adds to the attraction of these beautiful lipsticks.
IMG 20170726 104557 2 300x265 Kailijumei Flower Jelly Lipstick Review

Product Claims:
These lipsticks claims to provide colour along with nourishment to your lips. These change colour according to your body temperature, so the colours will appear different on different ladies. These are more like tinted lip balms.

Product Price: You pay 395 INR for 3.8gm of the lipstick.
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My Thoughts On Kailijumei Flower Jelly Lipstick:
These lipsticks have been credited for being the world’s most beautiful lipsticks. And they really are. These are so beautiful that you might not want to use it up! These have golden flakes and real flower inside them. These give a very light tint on the lips, so you cannot really call them lipstick, lip balm will be a better term. These are available in 3 shades. Red, Pink and Coral.
IMG 20170726 104426 273x300 Kailijumei Flower Jelly Lipstick Review

Pros Of Kailijumei Flower Jelly Lipstick:

  • Beautiful looking
  • Attractive packaging
  • Give a beautiful natural tint on lips
  • Hassle free packaging

Cons Of Kailijumei Flower Jelly Lipstick:

  • Not opaque enough to cover lip imperfections
  • Bitter taste
  • Contains parabens
    IMG 20170726 104646 300x229 Kailijumei Flower Jelly Lipstick Review

I think everyone should get at least one of these lipsticks. No matter how these performance as a lipstick, these are a pure delight to own. These are collector’s pieces. More of a work of art than a lipstick.

(*Main featured image courtesy: ebay.com)

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