Kama Ayurveda Neem Oil Review

Here’s all that you wanted to know about Kama Ayurveda Neem Oil

Kama Ayurveda Neem Oil Review:

Product Description:
Kama Ayurveda Neem Oil comes in a green cardboard box which contains a tinged, round, plastic bottle with golden cap. The oil is light green in color and has a bitter smell which is typical of anything that contains neem extracts.
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Product Claims:
It claims to be a multitasking product which can be used on face, body and hair. It is neem oil which is known for centuries to heal the skin and kill infection.

  •  For face it can be mixed with almond or sesame oil and massaged to get rid of rashes or acne.
  •  For body it can be massaged directly or diluted to remove flakiness and infection.
  •  For hair it should be diluted and massaged to get rid of dandruff and promote hair growth.

Price: It retails for 675 IN for 200ml. It is available at Kama stores and online too.
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My experience with Kama Ayurveda Neem Oil:
It is really a miracle oil for people suffering from dandruff. Nothing, nothing ever can work better than this oil to help you get rid of dandruff and other scalp problems. I had purchased it when nothing was working for my dandruff problem which was causing serious hair fall. This oil removed dandruff with few uses. With regular use, it makes hair glossy and increases volume too.
For skin it reduces the redness and dries up pimples too. You can use it as a spot treatment for pimples too.

Pros of Kama Ayurveda Neem Oil:

  •  Best cure for dandruff and scalp problems
  • Arrests hair fall
  • Soothes pimples and dried them up
  • Can be used to cure body infection too

Cons of Kama Ayurveda Neem Oil:

  •  Availability
  • Strong bitter smell
    IMG 20170507 120936 300x300 Kama Ayurveda Neem Oil Review

Totally recommend Kama Ayurveda Neem Oil if you are facing dandruff problems. It is the best ever cure for dandruff and scalp problems.
If you can stand the strong bitter neem smell then try it for various skin and hair concerns.

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