Kama Ayurveda New Skin Care Launches

  1. Hi there,
    Recently my favourite brand Kama Ayurveda has come up with new launches in their skin care range. So it is of utmost importance that I inform my readers as to which products are available and what these products cater to. Let us check out Kama Ayurveda New Skin Care Launches, to choose better.

#1: Kama Ayurveda Suvarna Haldi Chandan Brightening Face Pack: Kama Ayurveda only had Nimrah face pack which was targeted to cure acne. I so wanted a brightening face pack from the brand and finally it is here. This face pack combines the best properties of haldi and chandan to make skin beautiful. So if you have been trying chemicals loaded face packs for face brightening, it is time to switch.
Price: 40gm pack retails for 1595 INR.
unnamed 5 1 300x300 Kama Ayurveda New Skin Care Launches

#2: Kama Ayurveda All Natural Makeup Remover: Do you know that chemical laden makeup removers cause more harm than good? So I was more than happy to see Kama Ayurveda come up with all natural makeup remover. It contains jojoba, Shea butter and olive oil goodness. Isn’t the packaging beautiful?
Price: 100gm retails for 1195 INR.
unnamed 300x300 Kama Ayurveda New Skin Care Launches

#4: Kama Ayurveda Natural Sun Protection SPF 21: A sunscreen without any chemicals. Amazing, isn’t it? It helps in shielding from sun rays without getting absorbed into blood stream. It is free of nano particles and comes with the goodness of essential oils of ginger, nutmeg and lime. It is non greasy.
Price: 60ml tube retails for 1350 INR.
sunscreen 572017 backup 217x300 Kama Ayurveda New Skin Care Launches

#5: Kama Ayurveda Anti Acne Cleansing Foam:
It is packed with the goodness of Neem oil, tea tree oil, wintergreen and Tulsi to clear acne.
Price: It comes in two sizes. 50 ml retails for 595 INR and 10p ml retails for 1295 INR.
Amazon December2017 Anti Acne regime stylized shots anti acne cleanser400X400px. CB1198675309  1 300x300 Kama Ayurveda New Skin Care Launches

#6: Kama Ayurveda Sensitive Cleansing Foam: It is formulated for sensitive skin to clean the skin without stripping away the skin.
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These are Kama Ayurveda New Skin Care Launches. Check them out for a safer skin.

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