Latest Makeup Trends Of 2018

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Last few weeks have been just about product reviews so here is a post about Latest Makeup Trends Of 2018. The kind of make-up trends which are all set to rule this year. So gear up to find out more.

#1: Red Blush. Last year,the focus was on unicorn colours for blush and highlights but this year it is red. Don’t be afraid of red blush because it flatters every skin tone,no matter how dark or how pale you are. This colour also adds a fresh flush to your face and looks glamorous. So if it is one blush shade you want to add, get a red one.
%name Latest Makeup Trends Of 2018

#2: Pantone Colours. It’s the years of Pantone colours. Right from eye makeup to nail paints to even lipsticks, this colour will rule 2018. So if you are going for makeup shopping, do opt for this colour instead of pinks or your usual colours. This colour too flatters every skin tone.
%name Latest Makeup Trends Of 2018

#3: Dewy Look. This trend has been carried over from last year. The focus is still on dewy skin. So make sure that your skin is well hydrated and you are not using too many skin drying products. Opt for a foundation which gives a dewy look, use lots of highlighter and gloss to give your skin dewy finish.
%name Latest Makeup Trends Of 2018

#4: Rainbow Hues. Look for bright colours in your makeup this year. Rainbow colours for your eyes and bright pouts look amazing. Be sure to try this.
%name Latest Makeup Trends Of 2018

#5: Lipstick Makeup. Makeup artists across the globe are simplifying makeup like never before. They are using lipstick to do almost the full makeup. They are using it to fill eyes, as a blush, as a highlighter, etc. So the next time you are left with only your lipstick, remember that the hottest trend is to do makeup using your lipstick only.
%name Latest Makeup Trends Of 2018

These are Latest Makeup Trends Of 2018. Do try them out!

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