Lip Care During Winter For Beautiful Lips

Hello ladies,
Lip Care During Winter is of utmost importance because lips need care. The skin on lips is very thin, it doesn’t have pores so it cannot retain moisture and tends to become flaky. That’s is why you end up with dry and chapped lips in winter. All of us think that a heavy duty lip balm is the answer to all our lip problems but it is not so. You need to know how to take care of your lips in winter.
%name Lip Care During Winter For Beautiful Lips

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#1: Clean Your Lips Well. The first and foremost in lip care is cleaning your lips properly. Though you don’t need a separate cleanser for that, do use a makeup remover to remove lipstick. Long lasting lipsticks can be removed by using makeup remover or even a simple oil will do the trick. You can use coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil, etc. Never go to bed without removing your makeup and that refers to your lips too. Even without makeup, you should clean the corners of your mouth to prevent cracked corners.

#2: Scrub Your Lips. No matter how much moisturization you give your lips, it will be futile because the dead skin cells will not allow the moisture to penetrate your lips. You need to scrub your lips to make them soft and smooth. You can buy ready-made lip scrubs or you can also make your own lip scrub by simply mixing powdered sugar with olive oil or almond oil. This paste will scrub off the dead cells and make your lips smooth. Or after bath, you can lightly wipe your lips with towel. This will also do the same work.
%name Lip Care During Winter For Beautiful Lips

#3: Apply Oil. Lip balms are amazing for your lips but after scrubbing, try applying oil in your lips. Your lips will thank you for it. For this work, you can use almond oil, olive oil or simple coconut oil.
%name Lip Care During Winter For Beautiful Lips

These 3 Lip Care During Winter, will ensure that your lips remain beautiful and healthy.

(*main featured image courtesy: pinterest)

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