M Caffeine Coffee Body Scrub Review

M Caffeine Coffee Body Scrub comes from the house of M Caffeine, this brand has coffee infused products. It is marketed as ‘India’s first caffeinated personal care brand’. As we know coffee is beneficial for skin care, let’s see how this one fared.
%name M Caffeine Coffee Body Scrub Review

What’s It Like?

It comes in a glass jar with black cap, the packaging is in sync with M Caffeine naked and raw range of products. The scrub is brown powder which smells strongly of coffee, as the ingredient name suggests. The powder is granular but doesn’t contain big chunky material.
When mixed with water, it forms a smooth paste. It is meant for normal to oily skin.

Coffee body scrub 198x300 M Caffeine Coffee Body Scrub Review

What’s The Claim?

It helps in removal of blackheads, tanning and exfoliates to give smooth skin.

How To Use It?

Apply on wet body, gently scrub in circular motion and then wash off.

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What’s The Price?

100gm retails for 449 INR.

My Thoughts On M Caffeine Coffee Body Scrub:

It’s a great body scrub to go for, in fact it is the best body scrub I have used till date. It forms a smooth paste on mixing with water and easily exfoliates the skin. It reveals radiant and smooth skin within few minutes of scrubbing. Coffee is also known to reduce cellulite which is an added advantage. It is also easy to wash off.

Coffee body scrub3 300x191 M Caffeine Coffee Body Scrub Review

The Yays 👍

  • Contains coffee and coconut
  • Applies well
  • Easy to scrub
  • Makes skin smooth, soft and radiant
  • Easy to wash off
  • Doesn’t make skin dry
  • Consistency can be varied according to preference, you can add water according to liking
  • Will reduce cellulite in long run
  • Great coffee aroma

The Nays 👎

  • Powered form can be messy

Diaries9 Rating: 4/5


Highly recommended. This body scrub is great and you will see results with first use itself. The coffee aroma will make scrubbing a great experience.

2 thoughts on “M Caffeine Coffee Body Scrub Review

  1. Farheen khan

    Hello….mam how to get rid of skin pigmentation… problem area is the corner of the nose n chin….

  2. Ashna

    Hi dear,
    For that you need to regularly scrub these areas, twice a week. And at night you need to apply a lightening cream like kozicare and skin lite. Both these creams are available at amazon.in

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