M Caffeine Uplift Trance Face Cream Review

M Caffeine Uplift Trance Face Cream was a part of my M Caffeine haul which also consisted of M Caffeine Face Scrub (read review here), M Caffeine Face Pack (read review here) and M Caffeine Body Scrub (read review here). I must say with this brand, it has been a hit and miss as I really liked a few products while the others bombed. Let’s have a look at this face cream and see how it fared.

caffeine face cream1 289x300 M Caffeine Uplift Trance Face Cream Review

What’s It Like?

It has a classy packaging, in a translucent glass jar with silvery screw cap. This cream is further housed in a pink cardboard box. The look is quite luxurious. The face cream is white in colour and has a very light consistency, something resembling a gel like consistency, overall, very light on skin. It has a subtle fragrance.

What’s The Claim?

It comes packed with goodness of argan oil abs vitamin E. This cream contains caffeine and helps in anti aging.

caffeine face cream3 239x300 M Caffeine Uplift Trance Face Cream Review


What’s The Price?

50 ml jar retails for 349 INR.

My Thoughts On M Caffeine Uplift Trance Face Cream:

It is a nice daily wear cream, best is to use it at night as it doesn’t have SPF. I like the gel like, light consistency. This cream is almost like watery as soon as you apply and gets absorbed into the skin within few seconds leaving the skin soft and hydrated. You instantly notice a subtle glow.

caffeine face cream2 284x300 M Caffeine Uplift Trance Face Cream Review

The Yays 👍

  •  Doesn’t contain paraben
  • Hydrates the skin
  • Light consistency
  • Subtle fragrance
  • Gets instantly absorbed
  • Doesn’t make skin oily or greasy
  • Luxurious packaging

The Nays 👎

  • Not suitable for very dry skin
  • Offline availability

Diaries9 Rating: 3/5


It is a good everyday moisturizer, I like the fact that it is paraben free but it doesn’t do much other than hydrate the skin. Will recommend if you go for it without much expectations.


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