Monochrome Makeup For Year End Festivities

Hi ladies,
This is probably the easiest and the most wearable makeup trend to flaunt. Monochrome Makeup is easy and travel friendly too. How? Because you can easily create the whole monochrome look with a single lipstick shade too! Let’s know more about this super cool trend.

What is monochrome makeup trend?
Monochrome makeup, as the name suggests, is all about creating the whole makeup with a single shade of colour. Suppose you want to play the look with pink, then your whole makeup should revolve around that single shade of pink. It includes your eye shadow, lipstick, blush and so on.
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You can play with various textures like metallic, matte, glossy, glittery, creamy, etc. There are lots of textures to play with. You just need to use your imagination. But one thing should be kept in mind that all the makeup items should be colour co-ordinated. This gives a very chic look and ensures that the makeup is the focal point of your whole look. There are loads of colours which you can opt for: reds, purples, pinks, mauves, oranges, etc.
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(*Image courtesy: pinterest)

Monochrome makeup looks best if your dress is not over-the-top. In this trend, your makeup should be the focus, not your clothes. So it is not a good idea to sync the colour of your attire with the colour of your monochrome makeup. More so, if the colour is too flashy and bold. This trend works best if you are wearing neutrals it soft pastel coloured clothes. Adding dash of colour in your makeup with a white or grey attire will look scintillating.
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(*Image courtesy: pinterest)

You must keep in mind one thing. That is, if you are opting for bold or dark colour for this look,go easy with the blush. You can highlight your eyes and lips with a dark colour but a dark blush with dark lips and eyes might look clownish. So that’s one thumb rule which you should follow with Monochrome Makeup.
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(*Image courtesy: pinterest)

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