Monsoon hair Care Tips

Monsoon is a resource after summer but it takes its toll on your hair. That is why we find ourselves losing do many strands of hair without any rhyme of reason. That is when Monsoon hair Care Tips come in handy. These tips help you to manage your hair better and keep it healthy even in monsoon.

#1: Use A Mild Shampoo. If you have been using a shampoo which is loaded with chemicals, it’s time to change. Opt for a mild shampoo with less chemicals which eases the chemical build up in your hair. A mild shampoo is essential in monsoon season to take care of your fragile hair strands.
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#2: Use Soft Towel. Do not rub your hair when it is wet. Use a soft towel to cover your wet hair and let the towel soak up the moisture. Refrain from rubbing your towel on your hair. After that just leave your hair open to air dry it. Air drying is the best way to dry your hair.

#3: Don’t Comb Or Brush Wet hair. Even if you are in a hurry, do not comb or brush your wet hair. This pulls out hair from the root and damages our hair shaft. Be gentle and let your hair air dry, apply some Serum and then de-tangle your hair. Remember your hair needs a lot of TLC.
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#4: Don’t Tie Wet Hair. You must not tie wet hair, no matter how much hurry you are in. Always leave your wet hair open, let it air dry. Hair fall in monsoon occurs due to moisture collected in your scalp. You must not moisture collect on your scalp.

#5: Don’t Tie Your Hair Too Tight: After your hair is dry, tie your hair with a loose rubber band or hair clip which is not too tight for your hair.
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These Monsoon hair Care Tips will endure that your hair remains healthy all through monsoon.

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