Monsoon Skin Care Routine

Monsoon is beautiful season and comes as a respite after scorching summer months. But there are various things that we should keep in mind while taking care of our skin during monsoon season. Monsoon means lots of humidity in the air which becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and fungus. Here is Monsoon Skin Care Routine which will keep your skin in perfect shape in monsoon season.

#1: Use Neem Based Face Wash. Face washes are very important in monsoon season, but make sure that it is a neem based one. Neem cleans the skin thoroughly and helps in getting rid of grime and impurities. In a season of high humidity, neem cleansers are a must, even if you have not normal skin.
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#2: Exfoliate With Gel Scrubs. Instead of creamy scrubs, opt for gel scrubs. These will clear the dirt and dead skin cells from your skin without making it greasy. Gel scrubs leave no oily residue.

#3: Toners With Salicylic Acid. Toners with Salicylic acid will keep your skin free of any left over dirt. These toners are your best bet in monsoon because it cuts down the chances of breakouts.
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#4: Use Clay Masks. To soak up the dirt, grime and sebum, use clay based masks. These will purify your skin and make it clean and fresh. So if you are not a big fan of sticky feeling on your face during monsoon season, then opt for clay masks. These are better options than cream based ones.
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#5: Use Warm Water. Instead of cold water, use warm water to wash your face. This will make it easy for you to get impurities off your face. Warm water washes away the dirt and grime.

This Monsoon Skin Care Routine will ensure that your skin remains in good health during monsoon season and you enjoy the season without any hassle.

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