Nivea Fruity Lip Care Lip Balm Review

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Lip balms are so much important in winters, we just cannot get enough of them. Even though I have so many lip balms, I picked up Nivea Fruity Lip Care Lip Balm. Let’s see how it fared.

Product Description:
Nivea Fruity Lip Care Lip Balm comes in a squeeze tube. The colour is in sync with Nivea brand, deep blue and white. Overall, simplistic yet functional packaging. Going by the word fruit on the packaging, I had thought this one to be tinted, but it turned out to be Vaseline like, with no tint at all. So what’s “fruity” about it? The smell. The lip balm smells of strawberry.
IMG 20171107 123944 211x300 Nivea Fruity Lip Care Lip Balm Review

Product Claims:
This is three in one lip balm. It helps repair dry and cracked lips, provides long lasting moisture and leaves lips smooth with wonderful subtle scent of strawberry.

Product Price: It retails for 45 INR for 10gm of the product.

My Thoughts On Nivea Fruity Lip Care Lip Balm:
Being non tinted was a bit of a disappointment. I had expected it to be tinted as it said fruity on the packaging. Apart from that this lip balm is a good one which provides moisture to the lips. Especially in winters this lip balm helps in healing cracked lips. It provides hydration to the lips and makes them smooth. It is lightweight which means it will not weigh on your lips.
IMG 20171107 124018 252x300 Nivea Fruity Lip Care Lip Balm Review

Pros Of Nivea Fruity Lip Care Lip Balm:

  • Travel friendly
  • Easy to carry
  • Provides moisturising effect on the lips
  • It helps in making lips smooth
  • It has three in one benefits
  • Trusted brand Nivea product
  • Affordable
  • Easily available
  • Wonderful strawberry smell

Cons Of Nivea Fruity Lip Care Lip Balm:

  • Not tinted

IMG 20171107 124001 233x300 Nivea Fruity Lip Care Lip Balm Review

It is a decent lip balm for winter. You will need lip balm in winter so you can stock up this one in your lip balm collection.

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