Oily Skin Fairness Creams : Top 5

Oily skinned beauties generally refrain from putting anything on their face, especially face Creams as most of them cause pimples. If you are looking for fairness Creams but you are worried about your oily skin, here is a list of top 5 Oily Skin Fairness Creams, these creams will give you fairness along with matte effect on your skin.

#1: Clean And Clear Fairness Cream. Clean And Clear is a range which is designed fir oily skin, now they have fairness cream too. Check out this cream if you want to Brighten your complexion without making your skin greasy, check this out.
images 250x300 Oily Skin Fairness Creams : Top 5

#2: Garnier Complete Fairness Cream. This cream is a savior for Indian skin. It contains the most effective natural skin brightener, lemon extracts. So if there is lemon, there is no question of greasiness. Check this out if you want to remove tan and get a bright complexion. This also comes with a night cream.
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#3: Ponds White Beauty Fairness Cream. This one works on your dark spots and clears your complexion. So if you have been fretting over spots and blemishes, do try this one out. This have mousse like consistency and does everything sans oiliness. This comes with a night cream too.
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#4: Lakme Perfect Radiance Fairness Cream. This one is very light cream. It is very light in skin and helps even out your skin without any oily feeling. It also comes with a night cream. Use both for best results. It removes tanning in a jiffy.
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#5: Ayush Anti Spots Turmeric Fairness Cream. This one also has mousse like consistency. It gives a total matte finish to the skin. Contains all natural ingredients like Kumkumadi Thailam, turmeric, etc.
images 10 1 300x300 Oily Skin Fairness Creams : Top 5

These were top 5 Oily Skin Fairness Creams. These are great options in Indian market, all them are very affordable and available in small sizes so you can try them out.

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