How To Rock Minimalist Makeup Trend

Hello ladies,
Minimalist makeup has caught our fancy and how! We have even seen Anushka Sharma don that makeup look on her wedding day and she looked beautiful and glowy. But it is not an easy task to get minimalist makeup right. There is always a chance of looking dull and plain with this. Here are few tips to keep in mind to Rock Minimalist Makeup Trend.

#1: Get Your Base Makeup Right. Minimalist makeup doesn’t mean going sans makeup. It means opting for a flawless and dewy base. The makeup should look very very close to your natural skin. So be careful to find the right shade of foundation, make sure that you pick up the right shade and blend it well. Also, try to use dewy foundation or add a few drops of facial oil to it.
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#2: Give Nice Structure To Your Face. Lightly contour your face to give it some structure. Light contouring will make the face look defined and make you look polished. You should also use a blush. As much as contradictory it may sound, a blush is a must to Rock Minimalist Makeup Trend. A blush gives a nice flush to your cheeks. Make sure that the blush shade is a natural one.
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#3: Define Your Brows. It is a very important step to define your eyebrows. You should opt for deep brown eyebrow pencil to fill your eyebrows. You can also use gel defines to give volume and shape to your brows.

#4: Lots of Mascara. Since you are not lining your eyes with kajal or eye liner, it is a good idea to brighten your eyes by using mascara. Use loads of mascara to plump up your eye lashes. This adds a feminine touch to your face.
%name How To Rock Minimalist Makeup Trend

#5: Pink Lips. Lastly, to Rock Minimalist Makeup Trend, apply light pink lipstick which looks natural pink on your lips and gives it a natural tint.

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