Seer Secrets Restorative Scalp Oil Review

Seer Secrets Restorative Scalp Oil recently came into my view while searching for a good hair oil as I was facing hairfall at alarming rate and I needed something strong concoction to arrest hair fall. Let’s see how this one fared.
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What’s Its Like?
Seer Secrets Restorative Scalp Oil comes in a see through plastic bottle with golden screw cap. It also comes with a comb like attachment which helps to oil your hair and scalp easily. The whole bottle is packed in a cylindrical cardboard outer packaging. The oil is maroon like in colour and has camphor like smell. It doesn’t feel heavy or greasy. It contains neem, onion and curry leaf.

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What’s The Claim?
It claims to be a hair oil to fight hairfall, dandruff and thinning. It contains a concoction of neem, onion, curry leaf and other beneficial ingredients for hair.

How To Use It?
Use comb applicator and apply directly on the scalp. Leave overnight or for few hours, wash off with regular shampoo.

What’s The Price?
200 ml bottle retails for 498 INR, it is available at nykaa and

Seer secrets scalp oil2 200x300 Seer Secrets Restorative Scalp Oil Review

What Do I Think About It?
This oil has gradually lessened my hairfall though it doesn’t completely stop it. I am sure with regular use, it will help in completely eliminating my hair fall problem. The packaging also works for me as the comb applicator makes it very easy to apply the oil directly on to the scalp. The smell is quite overpowering, if you are not into heavy fragrance. It is non greasy.

Yays Of Seer Secrets Restorative Scalp Oil:

  • Concoction of amazing ingredients
  • Light in consistency
  • Easily washed off with shampoo
  • Helps in gradually decreasing hair fall
  • Comes with comb applicator

Nays Of Seer Secrets Restorative Scalp Oil:

  • Overpowering smell
  • Takes time to work

Diaries9 Rating: 4/5

Do try it, it’s amazing oil if you are struggling with hairfall.

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