Sheet Masks skin care: The latest craze in Beauty World

Sheet Masks skin care have become the latest buzzword in the beauty and skin care industry. These have become a hit and a worldwide rage. This trend started from Korean Beauty Companies which brought the concept of sheet masks skin care world. This concept caught the fancy of every woman and are now selling like hot cakes.
images 7 Sheet Masks skin care: The latest craze in Beauty World

#1 What are sheet masks?
Sheet masks skin care, usually involves very thin sheets made of cellulose or natural fibres. Sheets masks skin care involves sheets which are are designed like a mask and soaked in serum which is highly beneficial for skin. This serum is usually made of natural extracts and potent ingredients.
images 21 Sheet Masks skin care: The latest craze in Beauty World

#2 How are sheet masks used?
These sheet masks come in a sachet like packet which is sealed. Inside, for sheet masks skin care, sheets are soaked in serum. You just have to cut open the sachet and unfold the sheet mask. Then you have to put it on your face. Adjust it according to your face shape. These sheet masks are made in such a way that they fit almost everyone. Then you can relax while your skin drinks up the serum from the sheet masks skin care. You should keep it on for around 15 to 20 minutes. After which just remove it and massage your face so that the skin soaks up all the serum. You will be surprised to see your skin so hydrated and radiant. This routine should be preferably followed at night so that there is no issue of sun exposure and when you get up in the morning, your skin glows and feels soft and nourished.
images 2 Sheet Masks skin care: The latest craze in Beauty World

#3 What is the cost?
Innisfree and The Face Shop have come up with sheet masks skin care in the Indian Beauty Industry. These sheet masks are available at 100 INR for natural extracts infused ones and 150 INR for vitamin infused ones.

#4 Why are they better than regular masks?
The sheet masks skin care are better because of the ease of their usage. There is no hassle of applying or washing off.
Plus these have potent ingredients which benefit the skin.

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