All About Shimmer Makeup Trend

Shimmer Makeup Trend is the latest makeup obsession of the makeup lovers. There had been a matte phase in which every makeup item was all about matte look but now Shimmer Makeup is making its presence felt in the world of fashion. More and more makeup artists are vouching for this trend.
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What is Shimmer Makeup?
Shimmer Makeup, as the name suggests is the makeup look with lots of Shimmer and glitter in it. The foundation is Illuminating one, the lipstick has Shimmer particles, the eyeshadow and blush are all Shimmer.

Shimmer Makeup trend is catching on like forest fire. And there is a reason for that. Shimmer Makeup makes your face come alive. Shimmer translates into glow and glow translates into a younger looking skin. So when you compare an Illuminating foundation with a matte foundation, you will see that your face looks more glowy and youthful when you use the illuminating one.
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Another reason for its popularity is that it blurs the imperfections in your skin. A shimmery primer along with an Illuminating foundation blurs out the acne scars, blemishes and wrinkles. It gives the appearance of a healthy, flawless and youthful skin.
A Shimmer blush or bronzer contains light reflecting particles which instantly brightens your face and makes it come alive with colour and radiance.

A Shimmer eyeshadow is an instant way to brighten your eyes. Nowadays you also get Shimmer eyeliner, eye pencil and eye primer. So that the whole look can be an illuminating one.
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Opt for an illuminating lipstick with Shimmer particle which will go with the entire look. Shimmer Makeup can be apt for party as well as for daily use. It is not compulsory to think it as a party makeup. You can also create daily Look with Shimmer makeup trend, here you just need to tone down the Shimmer and opt for a subtle glow.

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