Summer Skin Hydration Hacks

Hi ladies,
Summer is really killing us with its heat and soaring temperature. The unbearable heat is also affecting our skin. Heat makes skin dehydrated and tanned. Even if you beat the heat by sitting in air condition, this too is not good for your skin in terms of hydration. So what do we do? For better skin hydration, follow these Summer Skin Hydration Hacks in this article and make your skin smile!
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#1: Drink Lots Of Water. This goes without saying that the amount of water you drink will directly affect your skin. So if you are having less water, it will make your skin dry and dehydrated. But if you are wise and you are drinking atleast 8 glasses of water, each day, you are on the safe side. So be wise and don’t skip water, spike it with herbs and lemon to make it tasty and even more beneficial for you.
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#2: Aloe Vera Face Mask. If you have no time to make elaborate face packs, the simplest and the most effective face mask for skin hydration is Aloe Vera face pack. All you need is to to put a thick layer of Aloe Vera gel, packaged or natural, on your face. Wait for ten minutes to allow your skin to drink up all the moisture and then wipe it off with a wet cotton pad. Proceed with your daily skin care regime. This is one of my favourite tricks for summer, it works like magic.
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#3: Face Mists. Face Mists can be your best best in summer. These are easy to carry and easy to use. These give an instant refreshment and a burst of hydration to your skin. Whenever you are feeling that your skin is feeling parched, spray it on!
%name Summer Skin Hydration Hacks

#4: Layer Your Products. Especially at night, layer your skin care products like the Korean women. Various layers give a better moisture holding capacity and you will wake up with hydrated skin.

These are the most important Summer Skin Hydration Hacks. Try them out for hydrated skin.

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