The Beauty Co. Glow Mask Peel Off Review

The Beauty Co. Glow Mask Peel Off was an impulse buy given the fact that I was quite intrigued by glitter masks after seeing Glamglow glitter mask. Since it was too expensive and I came across this glitter mask option from The Beauty Co., I picked it up. I had used The Beauty Co. Rose Gold Oil (read review here) and quite liked it. Let’s see how this one fared.51bCbx1OhhL. SS600  300x300 The Beauty Co. Glow Mask Peel Off Review
What’s It Like?

It comes in a pink plastic container, packaging is little flimsy according to me. The face pack is mix of berries variant and hence the moment you open the pack, it smells of freshly crushed berries. The mask is gel like and pink in colour, it is loaded with glitter particles, which makes it all the more fun to use.

Glow mask2 278x300 The Beauty Co. Glow Mask Peel Off Review

What’s The Claim?

It is packed with berries extracts which gives a boost of antioxidants to the skin. The pack gives the skin a healthy makeover, repairing scars, rashes and wrinkles.

What’s The Price?

100 gm of the product retails for 800 INR.

Glow mask3 225x300 The Beauty Co. Glow Mask Peel Off Review

My Thoughts On The Beauty Co. Glow Mask Peel Off:

I like berries extracts in my skincare products. I usually avoid peel off masks because it is tough to remove and clings to facial hair making it painful. But this face mask is so easy to apply as well as remove. It comes off easily and dries off easily too. This face pack leaves the skin refreshed and party ready.

Glow mask4 272x300 The Beauty Co. Glow Mask Peel Off Review

The Yays 👍

  • Berries extracts
  • Makes skin glowy and clear
  • Easy to apply
  • Perfect consistency
  • Doesn’t stick to skin
  • Easy to remove, pain free
  • Comes with glitter
  • Doesn’t cause stretchy skin

The Nays 👎

  • Expensive
  • Flimsy packaging

Diaries9 Rating: 4/5


The face pack brought back my love for peel off masks, it instantly refreshes the skin and gives it glow. It is a good option to prep the skin before party or any event. It is a fun mask!

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