The Beauty Co. Rose Gold Oil Review

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I recently purchased The Beauty Co. Rose Gold Oil, only because of the fact that every foundation that we buy tends to be super matte on the skin and especially in winters, it tends to dry out the skin big time. So instead of investing in a new foundation altogether, I thought of investing in a product which will add a dewy touch to my makeup and make my present foundation work. And this product does just that.

Product Description: The Beauty Co. Rose Gold Oil wins your heart with its exquisite packaging. It comes in a translucent glass bottle with a glass dropper, all in gold accents. The dropper has a button which you need to press in order to dispense the product. The oil is clear oil with gold freckles or particles in it. Overall a dreamy packaging.

Product Usage: Apply 2 to 3 drops on your skin with beauty sponge or you can also mix it with your foundation while you apply your makeup.

Product Claims: It claims to be the most effective and lightweight moisturizer fit women’s skin. It has gold dust particles which are absorbed into the skin and fight the signs of aging and hyper pigmentation.

Product Price: One bottle of 25 ml retails for 1250 INR.


My Thoughts On The Beauty Co. Rose Gold Oil:

This oil solves all your dry skin woes. Though I don’t particularly have dry skin, my skin does tend to get dry in winter months, moreso when I apply makeup. So this works as a great skin care as well as makeup product. And actually it is, it gives you the glow of highlighters which nourishing the skin from within. It can also be used in summer season, as it is a light oil.

Pros Of The Beauty Co. Rose Gold Oil:

  • Beautiful packaging
  • Contains skin benefiting ingredients
  • Not heavy or greasy
  • Gives a dewy finish
  • Helps in skin dryness
  • Doesn’t make you sweat
  • Doesn’t cause breakouts or clogged pores

Cons Of The Beauty Co. Rose Gold Oil:

  • Expensive
  • Not for oily skin beauties
  • Availablity
  • Overpowering smell

Diaries9 Rating: 4/5


Great for ladies with dry skin. If you don’t mind the price, go for it, it is an investment.

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  1. Farheen khan

    Hello mam,..pls write about whiteheads suction Machine..and is that good for sensitive skin?

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