Top 3 Genius Ways To Use Wet Wipes

Wet wipes come in handy so many purposes. Many think that facial wet wipes are useless but here are top 5 Ways to use wet wipes. You will be surprised at the usefulness of these wipes. Here are Top 3 Genius Ways To Use Wet Wipes

Use #1: As A Makeup Remover. Wet wipes can be used to remove makeup. If you find that your wet wipes are not removing your waterproof, long lasting makeup then you can add oil or makeup remover on the wipes. This will break down the makeup easily. Wet wipes are already moisturising so you can remove your makeup without drying your skin. It works amazingly well on nights when you feel too lazy to wash your face. Just wipe your face and apply your night cream.
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Use #2: As a Sheet Mask. Yes, you can make your own sheet mask with wet wipes. Just brew green tea and mix it with aloe vera gel and soak your wet wipes in it. After few minutes place the wet wipes cum sheet mask on your face. Make sure you cut holes for your eyes and nose beforehand. This method can also be used to put fruit juices on your face. If you want to put orange juice or grapes juice without the drying binding agents like clay then dip the wipes in the juice and put on your face like sheet masks.

Use #3: As A primer. Wet wipes contain moisturising ingredients. You can put wet wipes in fridge and cool it. Then prep your skin with wet wipes instead of your regular primer. Your makeup will glide on smoothly and you will also get a dewy glow.
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Apart from these genius ways to use wet wipes, you can also use them to sanitize your hands, clean your mobiles and also to correct your makeup if you go wrong with Eyeliner or lipstick.

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  1. Great list of wet wipes. As I was addicted to using wipes, and I have tried most of the wipes listed here. I am currently using a natural bulk wet wipes made from bamboo which is eco-friendly too. I highly recommend using the biodegradable wipes which is good for us as well as for the environment. Thanks for sharing.

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