Make a statement with choker necklace

Choker necklace statement
images 43 Make a statement with choker necklace

If you find it unable to take your eyes off Anushka Sharma in the song “Jag ghoomeya”, then probably you are smitten by the choker necklace bug. The fashion industry as well as our very own Bollywood is going ga-ga over this newest trend.

Choker necklace is a necklace which is worn close to the neck, girdling itself as close to the neck as comfort permits. It can be a chic style statement if paired with a white off shoulder top like Anushka, blue jeans add to the classic appeal. You can also go for an all black attire with a black choker like Deepika does here:

images 44 Make a statement with choker necklace

Pair your look with smokey eyes and nude lipstick and you become no less than a femme fatale. You can also wear this to break the monotony of single colour outfit like Priyanka Chopra here:

images 45 Make a statement with choker necklace

(*Image courtesy: pinterest)

Choker necklaces come in numerous materials and styles. So you have lace choker, pearls choker, tattoo choker and a variety of ethnic chokers studded with stones and gems. An ethnic choker looks very stylish when paired with an elegant saree. Sonam Kapoor has paired ethnic choker necklace with her saree in the most elegant way.

.images 47 Make a statement with choker necklace

(*Image courtesy: pinterest)

Here is another look of hers in choker necklace:

:images 46 Make a statement with choker necklace

Pairing choker necklace with kurtis is also an amazing idea. It will add to the appeal of the whole look.So whether you are pairing you choker with western or traditional attire, you will never go wrong with this style statement. You have to just keep one thing in mind that this style statement should be the only focus in you look.

Do not opt for bulky earrings or bangles when wearing a choker necklace. Try to keep the other accessories minimal. Your makeup should also be soft or nude. This will let the choker necklace speak for itself and your look will be a winner all the way.

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