Hair Scarf Ideas

Scarves are very versatile. In fact, most versatile piece of clothing. You can use it just how you want. On your hair, as a hair band, as a stole, as a necklace too! Here are few Hair Scarf Ideas which will transform your look in a jiffy. Try them and you will be amazed how much a simple piece of cloth can do to amp your look.

#1: As A Hair Band. Are you fed up of your hair falling on your face? Just use your Scarf to keep you hair in place. This adds a pop of colour to your look. It also adds a boho touch to your look.
images 37 200x300 Hair Scarf Ideas

(*image courtesy: pinterest)

#2: With Your Braid. Your hair lacks volume? Tie your braid with your Scarf entwined in it. It adds volume to your braid as well as makes you look chic. A great way to match your outfit with your hair accessories too. If you do not know how to tie those fancy braids, this will add amazing look with minimal effort.
images 35 178x300 Hair Scarf Ideas

(*image courtesy: pinterest)

#3: With Your Updo. Is your bun looking too plain? Then amp it up with a Scarf. Your bun will look chic in no time and with no effort. A colorful Scarf will make your simple bun look like million dollars.
images 36 1 200x300 Hair Scarf Ideas(*image courtesy: pinterest)

#4: As A Head Cover. Are you worried about your hair while travelling? Reach out for a colorful Scarf and cover your head with it. It looks very stylish as well as it protects your hair from direct rays of the sun when you are travelling. This style also saves your bad hair days. Deck it up with beads and flowers and you will have a country side inspired hair style.
images 31 243x300 Hair Scarf Ideas(*image courtesy: pinterest)

#5: For Retro Look. Does old world charm intrigue you? Wrap your Scarf around your head like the retro years, pair it with oversized shades and bold Lipstick and you have a retro look ready.
images 26 300x272 Hair Scarf Ideas

(*image courtesy: pinterest)

Rock your look with these Hair Scarf Ideas.

(*Main featured image courtesy: pinterest)

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