Statement Sleeves Trend

Statement Sleeves Trend is making it big in the fashion world. So what are statement Sleeves? Statement sleeves are eye catching, flamboyant sleeves which catch the attention of the viewer and act as statement pieces. That is why they are called Statement Sleeves. These sleeves cut down the need of statement accessories. So if you are not into too much accessories, then Statement Sleeves are sure to make style statement for you.
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Though this Statement Sleeves Trend is not too new, it is making its presence felt in the fashion world this year. Think of statement Sleeves and you think of ruffles sleeves, bell sleeves, flared sleeves and any kind of sleeves which is extended in size and makes an eye catching statement. So you have tops with big ruffles sleeves, dresses with off shoulder bell sleeves, blouses with long flowy sleeves.
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Statement Sleeves can be a part of your formal wardrobe too. So if you are wearing your formal pencil skirt, go ahead with long flared sleeves. You can also opt for blazers with Statement Sleeves. To make the best of Statement Sleeves Trend, try to include it in your formal attire too. It will add an edge to your sober formal attire. Just make sure that the sleeves are not too flamboyant, hence clashing with your formals.
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Dress with Statement Sleeves look amazing. If you are heading for a party, opt for an off shoulder dress with ruffles sleeves or bell sleeves. You can also add a hint of sheer fabric to your dress.
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Not only with fabrics, you can also choose Statement Sleeves in leather. This look will take your style to a different level altogether.
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Sheer Statement Sleeves make an impact which makes you look classy apart. So choose sheer Statement Sleeves in a dress or a top. Even lace Statement Sleeves offer sheer element.
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Make the most of Statement Sleeves Trend this season.

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